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Council & Staff

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Alex Cleghorn


Alex Cleghorn is the Senior Legal and Policy Director at the Alaska Native Justice Center. He directs ANJC's legal and policy agenda to further the mission of Justice for Alaska Native people and has led ANJC's growth in providing legal services and access to justice to Alaska Native people and Alaska Tribes.  

Alex has been a lawyer for nearly 20 years. His legal practice has been devoted to representing Native people, Tribes and Tribal Organizations. He previously served as General Counsel for Southcentral Foundation and as an Assistant Attorney General and a Special Assistant to the Alaska Attorney General, where he provided advice on Alaska Native issues and led and coordinated efforts to build collaborative relationships between the State and Alaska Tribes. 

Gwen Sargent

Vice President / Executive Director

Gwen Sargent was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska.  She is the daughter of Walter Sargent, Jr. and the late Metha Hansen, and the granddaughter of the late Jennie Heitman and Walter Sargent, Sr.  She has one son, Josh, and a granddaughter Kaleeah. Gwen is the Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator for the Kodiak Area Native Association and makes Kodiak her home. 


Gwen has served on the Woody Island Tribal Council since 2012. She supports the Council in exploring the possibilities of expanding current programs and services to our members, and looks forward to continuing to serve on the Council.

Chrislyn Hoen

Secretary / Treasurer

Chrislyn Hoen is the daughter of Cy and Tina Hoen, the granddaughter of Natalie and Kelly Simeonoff, and great granddaughter of Ella and Mike Chabitnoy. She has 2 children; Harlen Trosvig, a licensed charter captain and commercial fisherman and Myla Woodley, a freshman soon to be sophomore of high school, dancer, artist, and musician. She resides in Kodiak where she continues to be a licensed hair dresser after 28 years.


Chrislyn is very happy with the councils continued progress. She sees fruition of Margaret’s, fellow council members, dreams of getting trails and historical points recognized and accessible on Woody Island. This is her second three year term sitting on the council.


Chrislyn looks forward to continuing to serve on the council in the future.


Debra Lukin

Council Member

Debra (“Debbie”) Lukin was born and raised in Kodiak, Alaska.  She is the daughter of Teshia (Shuravloff) Harris.  Debbie is married to Allen Lukin and they have five children and six grandchildren.


Debbie was elected to serve on the Council in April 2001. She was employed with Koniag, Inc. from 1983 until April 1, 2014 when she retired. Debbie’s positions in more recent years with Koniag included:  April 2010 to April 2014 – Sr. Vice President, Corporate & Shareholder Services, Koniag, Inc. and April 2009 to April 2010 – Vice Present Corporate & Shareholder Services, Koniag Development Corporation.  She is currently self-employed as a consultant. 

Debbie also serves on the Leisnoi, Inc. Board of Directors and currently serves as the Chair of the Leisnoi Board.

Debbie graduated from Kodiak High School in 1976.  She and her husband reside in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Gordon Pullar, Jr.

Council Member

Gordon Pullar, Jr. was born in Kodiak and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Rural Development from the University of Alaska Fairbanks; and an undergraduate degree from Florida State University in Political Science. His grandmother, Olga Rossing, was the first Woody Island high school graduate and the first in his family to attend college. His father, Gordon, Sr., is the former President of Tangirnaq Native Village.


Gordon is currently the President of Kadiak, LLC (a Koniag, Inc. subsidiary) and Director of Business Operations for Koniag, Inc. He has been with the company since 2010. 


In addition to the Woody Island Tribal Council, Gordon currently serves on the Boards of Leisnoi, Inc., the Alutiiq Heritage Foundation, and the Koniag Education Foundation.  He is a recent recipient of the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development Top Forty Under 40 Award which recognizes young leaders in business and government from across Indian Country.


Gordon currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska and has served on the Council since 2014.

Germaine Salmine

Council Member


Germaine Salmine is the great granddaughter of Charles Madsen and Alexandria Chernoff. Germaine was born on Kodiak Island but spent the majority of her childhood in the lower 48. She has always shown great interest in in her family history and cultural background, which in turn has shaped her career. Germaine received her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Indian Studies and a minor in Education, Learning, & Society from the University of Washington.

In 2016, Germaine relocated back to Alaska and currently manages and administers student recruitment and retention programs including alumni, mentorship and student networking for the Koniag Education Foundation. She also works on project coordination for the Community Mentorship Project (CMP) awarded by the Department of Education ANEP Grant. Prior to joining KEF, Germaine worked in a variety of community based organizations and has over 4 years of experience in the non-profit sector. She is an enrolled member of the Tangirnaq Native Village, Lesnoi, Inc. Shareholder and Koniag, Inc. Shareholder. Germaine enjoys the outdoors, spending time with her family and friends and traveling.

Samantha Heglin

Council Member

Samantha was chosen to fill the vacant seat once held for over 21 years by her grandmother Margaret Roberts. She is the daughter of Russell and Leslie-Ann Heglin, granddaughter of (the late) Margaret and Gary Roberts, John Cratty, and the late Marlys and Herbert Heglin. 


Margaret was a mentor to Samantha and instilled her many cultural and leadership skills as Samantha was growing up.  Samantha was the past administrative assistant for the Tribe for over two years and is keenly interested in the history of Woody Island. She's participated in dozens of Alaska Federation of Native's Youth an Elder's Conferences as well as participated in various youth camps on the island. She has taught Alutiiq Language, dance and traditional values and she believes will provide a unique perspective on the council and tribe as a whole. She resides in Kodiak with her beautiful daughter Linnaea.  Samantha shared that her beloved grandmother played a major role in who she is today. She plans on carrying on her grandmother's vision in reconnecting our tribal citizens to their traditions and values. 


Gwen Sargent

Executive Director​

Danielle Christiansen 
Program Support Specialist 

Samuel Booch

Executive Business Associate (KANA)

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