COVID-19 Assistance Program

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has presented new challenges and hardships to our Tribal families, both in Alaska and across the nation. Whether it is disruptions in employment, changes in how we can safely shop for healthy foods and essential supplies, or getting used to new realities of working or learning from home while social distancing or quarantining, many of us have felt the impact of COVID-19 in our lives.


The Tribe has developed a COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Application, using CARES Act resources for assistance to those Tribal households that need a little extra help right now. Applications for assistance from the Tangirnaq Native Village COVID-19 Response Program should be returned by email to info@woodyisland.com or by mail as soon as possible, as some resources expire at the end of the year. Those Tribal Members who have experienced hardships or additional expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic* are encouraged to apply.  

Small business owners are encouraged to complete a COVID-19 Business Survey, and return to info@woodyisland.com, to ensure that your small business receives up-to-date information about future programs which may assist small businesses. 

*The TNV COVID-19 Assistance Program is not a per capita distribution to Tribal Members.