The Stories of Woody Island

Although the land and sea separate us from the place that our ancestors walked upon. Our stories, culture, and history keep us rooted to who we are and what we are apart of. We wish to connect all our tribe members together and to help do that we are sharing stories about Woody Island and how things were years ago. Please note that we are sharing stories and information with the expectation that they will be used respectfully and won’t be misused or taken out of context.

“The Tangirnaq Tribe’s history on Woody Island is like a diamond.  It is precious, and multi-faceted.  It reflects much light.  It contains ancient material, yet it is here in the present.  It is like an heirloom that gains sentimental and emotional value as it passes along to each passing generation. 

So much happened on this small island, and who knows what the future will hold?  We have learned much about the Tangirnaq Tribe through photos, family trees, archaeology and home sites.  But our lives are about more than objects and things – they are about family.  Connections.  Relations.  Thank you for allowing me to be associated with one of the great extended families in all Alaska.”

-Chris Wooley