TNV Tribal Scholarship

We are proud to offer the Tangirnaq Native Village Tribal Scholarship. Please contact us at with any questions you may have or to find out if you qualify. Visit our Scholarship Page for more information.

Students interested in applying for a scholarship must be enrolled members of Tangirnaq Native Village. Need-based scholarships will be awarded up to $2,000 per semester, as determined by availability of program funds and individual student’s demonstrated need. Students are required to be accepted by an institution that is an accredited college or university or such other educational institution as the Committee may approve. A student must maintain a 2.0+ GPA and satisfactory academic progress as defined by the institution. Preference will be given to full time students.

Tribal Enrollment

If you are a tribal member, your descendants and dependents are eligible for enrollment.

The Tangirnaq Native Village through Woody Island Tribal Council has the authority to approve applicants who are lineal descendants of base roll members in the Council's regular course of business. The power to adopt new Native tribal members shall be reserved to the Council as described in Section 3 of the enrollment ordinances.

Benefites of membership:  Access too Programs - Scholarship Opportunities - Access to Geneology - Cultural Activities - Library Services - Access to Woody Island Historical Documents - Family Ties - Involvement in Tribal Government.

Tribal Library

The Tribe has applied for and received funding to build, expand, and maintain a Tribal Library. The Woody Island Tribal Library has a selection of books that are  written by or focused on Alaska Native and American Indian authors and topics. Visit the LIbrary Page for more information.

Tribal Housing Assistance

TNV has a small housing fund to assist Tribal members who live on Kodiak Island. If you live on Island and need help relating to housing please let us know so that we can assist in any way possible.

Contact us at to see if there is any way that we can assist in housing.

Tangirnaq Native Village, 3449 Rezanof Drive East, Kodiak, AK 99615,, 1(907) 486-9872